Hire a Car and Visit the best Vineyards & Wineries in all of Portugal

Portugal is one of the hottest destinations for wine tours. Portugal has always been one of the unique wine countries in Europe, and today it has become a trendy wine destination that attracts wine lovers from all over the world. Portugal is perhaps the one place where the native grape varieties are still picked by hand and foot trodden in the old-fashioned way to produce some of the finest wine in the world.

There are many wine-producing regions in Portugal, making it difficult to choose which ones to visit. If you want to visit as many wine regions as possible, the best idea is to rent a car and travel by yourself from one region to another as you take in the breathtaking sights of the beautiful landscape and countryside Portugal has to offer.

PortugalAs many wineries as there are in Portugal, you will also get to choose from numerous car hire companies to kick-start your trip. Carry out a thorough car hire comparison, compare car hire prices in Portugal and models of the cars available before you make your choice.

Here are some of the leading wine-producing regions of Portugal that you must visit in your rental car.

1. Douro Valley

The Douro wine region is located in northern Portugal. The entire area is blessed with the Douro River that flows through and carves its way along the rocky valley. The Douro region is known to be the oldest wine region globally and is even recognized by UNESCO. It is a World Heritage-listed territory. Some of the best wineries to visit here include the Graham’s Port, which offers spectacular views of the iconic two-tier bridge that connects Oporto and Gaia. The winery is known for three centuries of port-making craftsmanship.

2. Alentejo

Located just 100 kilometers from the Lisbon Airport, the Alentejo region is a must-visit wine region in Portugal. This is known to be one of the most beautiful ad scenic regions in Portugal. The wines from this region are known for their rich and smooth taste on the palate. The Herdade dos Grous winery is a must-visit in this region as you get to have a traditional wine tasting and delicious meal in the presence of the Herdade dos Grous chef.

3. Minho Region

The Minho Region is located towards the northwestern part of the country. Lying near the Atlantic Ocean, this region is famous for Vinho Verde, or the unique Green Wine. The term Verde, though, does not literally refer to the color of the wine but to the unripe status of the grape. Green Wine is supposed to be drunk while it is still fresh and young, while the actual color of the wine remains a pale yellow. This type of wine is famous for its fizz, crispness, and high acidity.

The best vineyards and wineries to tour in your car rental include:

  • Palacio de Brejoeira
  • Paço de Teixeiró
  • Quinta do Ameal

While you visit these famous wine regions in Portugal, don’t forget to check out the major tourist attractions of the country as well.