6 best vineyards & wineries to visit in the region of Douro

People love to taste and drink the best wines available around the globe. Now and then people are in search of the most famous places for the best vineyards and wineries. Likewise, the Douro region in Portugal is also known as the Enchanted Valley.

As the name suggests, the Douro region is famous for its amazing sites and best vineyards and wineries. The Douro region has the best sites where you can set the mood, relax and sip the best wine available.

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Douro6 best vineyards and wineries to visit in the Douro

The Douro is a region present in Portugal. It is known as the best place to be for relaxing and tasting the best wine. If you are a wine lover you certainly do not want to miss the best vineyards and wineries to visit in the Douro.

Some of the 6 best vineyards and wineries to visit in the Douro are mentioned below.

Quinta da Gricha – Vineyard Residence

This place is famous for its calm and lively atmosphere. It has slow-flowing rivers and the best port winery available in the Douro region. Here you can stay at the traditionally decorated lodges for gaining a good experience. The Quinta Da Gricha produces the best port wine.

Quinta de la Rosa

The Quinta de La Rosa is present and facing towards the Douro River. It is highly recommended by tourists and was restored in the year 2017. It is known as the best and iconic vineyard in the area. Hence, when you visit, Douro does not forget to taste the wine in Quinta de la Rosa.

Quinta do Crasto

On the right side of the river, Quinta do Crasto offers the best views. Here you can get the best sites and relax alone or with family and friends. While your stay in the Quinta do Crasto you can visit the wine cellars and lay down beside the warm pool. The Quinta do Crasto offers much more activities like boat rides and visits to the ideal vineyards.

Quinta da Pacheca – The Wine House Hotel

It is the Wine House Hotel da Quinta that has about 15 rooms. It also has a wine bar to drink and relax. Here you can take long walks and pass by the famous vineyards. You will be also delighted to eat the amazing food paired with the Pacheca wine.

Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo

The next top place to visit during your stay in the Douro is Quinta Nova Nossa Senhora do Carmo. It is an old mansion that offers 11 bedrooms, a wine bar, and a wine shop as well. it has the most classic wine which is known as the Conceitus winery. You can visit the Quinta by boat, car or train.

Quinta do Vallado

The last stop on your tour of the Douro is Quinta do Vallado. It is 2 miles away from the Regua. The farm present in the valley of Quinta was formed in 1716 and was home to the legend Antónia Adelaide Ferreira. It is now known as the place where the best Oporto wine and red wine are available.


The above-mentioned points explain the top 6 vineyards and wineries to visit in Douro and short info about renting a car and driving in Portugal.