Hire a Car and Visit the best Vineyards & Wineries in the Azores Region

The Azores region is an exotic and beautiful group of islands in Portugal. This archipelago is made up of nine islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The region is known for its volcanoes and its rustic charm. Blessed with natural beauty and a beautiful subtropical climate, the Azores region is the perfect place to visit in Portugal. In fact, the Azores region is one of the most famous wine regions of Portugal. Three of the biggest islands of the Azores – Pico, Graciosa, and Terceira – make up the Azores wine region known as the Vinho Regional dos Acores.

AzoresWhile Portugal has a robust transport infrastructure, the best way to explore the beautiful vineyards and wineries in the Azores region is to rent a car. There are many car hire companies in and around the Azores Islands, and you can decide to get a car rental from either the airport or your hotel/bed & breakfast. Many hotels also offer their own hire cars, and you can compare car hire prices before deciding which one to select.

So now that you have your self-drive car rental, it’s time to start visiting the top vineyards and wineries in the Azores region. We take a look at the vineyards and wineries worth visiting in each of the three wine islands of the Azores.

1. Pico

The best place to begin your wine holiday in the Azores region should be from the Pico Islands. This island offers the most magnificent wine-tasting opportunities. As you reach the island of Pico, take in the fantastic views of this unique wine landscape of the Paisagem da Cultura da Vinha da Ilha do Pico. Get into your rental car and simply take a drive around the island to see the exceptional vineyards and stones. The first stop should be for a vineyard and winery tour and wine tasting at the Cooperativa Vitivinicola Da Ilha Do Pico. You can tour and taste the different wines produced by this winery and learn about the Pico Island’s unique landscape that makes it perfect for wine cultivation.

2. Graciosa

As you head to Graciosa Island, the first stop should be at the Terra do Conde winery. You get to taste some of the most refined local wine paired with fabulous Portuguese pastries at the winery. While in Graciosa, also make it a point to drive your car hire to the Museum of Graciosa, which has a separate section dedicated to the history of winemaking in the Azores region.

3. Terceira

This is also the biscoitos region of the Azores. While here, begin your wine tasting tour from the Adega Simas winery. You can sit back, relax and enjoy tasting the exquisite local wine brands, liquor, and delicious Portuguese snacks amidst their rustic and cozy tasting room. Do not miss the wine museum n Terceira. Here you get to learn everything about the famous Verdelho grapes and wines of this region, including the history and cultivation methods used in the Azores. The museum also has both an indoor and outdoor section that houses traditional wine plots, a cask storehouse, and many more surprises for visitors.