Things to do on the islands of the Azores in a hire car

The Azores region in Portugal is known for its volcanoes. Almost every volcano that is found in Portugal is located on the Azores islands. In fact, such is the geothermal activity around this region that the town of Furnas on Sao Miguel even uses this heat to cook food. Blessed with natural beauty and a beautiful subtropical climate, the Azores region is the perfect place to visit in Portugal.

Before you set off on your journey across the beautiful town of Azores, it is a great idea to rent a car. Having a hire car lets, you tour around the city and also go from one town to the next without worry. There are many car hire companies in the Azores, and you can easily do a car hire comparison before selecting a hire car that fits your budget. You can ask your travel agent or hotel to compare car rental prices for you. There are many cheap car rentals offers you will get across Portugal, and you can select from a wide variety of hire cars.

Here are the top things to do in Azores in your rental car.

Azores1. Explore the Majestic Sete Cidades Caldera

The majestic Sete Cidades Massif is located on the west side of Sao Miguel Island. This Caldera is where green and blue lakes get nestled in the lush greenery all around, while the enormous volcanic crater rises from the center. The landscape of the Sete Cidades Caldera is stunning. It has been shaped by successive volcanic events in the last 38,000 years. Make it a point to check out Vista do Rei lookout located next to the abandoned Monte Palace Hotel.

2. The Capelinhos Island-born from a volcano

The Faial Island changed forever when the Capelinhos volcano erupted in the late 1950s. This gave birth to a new island known as the Capelinhos Island. This is now linked to Faial Island by an isthmus. Today, you cancan stand on this piece of land that was under the ocean just 60 years ago. You can see roofs submerged n ash. The ruined lighthouse and the patch of the black volcanic desert are a sight to see. The lighthouse has now been turned into a museum about this volcanic eruption.

3. The Beauty of Angra do Heroísmo

Angra do Heroísmo is a beautiful historic city that is a must-see for its architecture that hails back to the 1700s. Park your rental car at Rua da Se and take a stroll down its mosaic pavements and observe the beauty of its traditional houses that are painted in bright colours.

4. Whale Watching

The Azores are one of the best places in the world to indulge in whale watching. The Azores is the biggest whale sanctuaries in the world, and there are over 20 different species of whales you can spot here. If you are lucky, you can also spot many bottlenose dolphins and sperm whales.

5. Diving in the Azores

If you have always wanted to experience diving but never got the chance to, the Azores is the perfect place for this activity. The Azores is home to an abundance of vibrant sea life. Apart from being a whale sanctuary, you will be treated to a wide variety of fish, sharks, turtles, mobulas, octopuses, and much more. The diverse marine life and the underwater topography of the Azores make it a must for diving.