6 Awesome Things To Do In Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de GaiaPortugal is the country where you can explore a lot and while there are a lot of options, selecting some of them to make a part of your trip can be difficult. However, if you are doing to visit Vila Nova de Gaia then we can make things easier for you.

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The best 6 Things To Do In Vila Nova de Gaia that you must not miss

The following are the best 6 things to do here

The Douro River Trip

With a lot of boats always ready to take you, this is a part where you cannot get any assistance from the car rental companies. However, those services can always be helpful for getting here. Through the ride you will pass 6 different bridges and a lot of landmarks so this river trip can be a lot of exploration.

Exploring the Capela do Senhor da Pedra

It is not only a beautiful sight to the eye but an amazing background for all your Instagram photos as well. The place is a 17th century Baroque chapel which lies in front of the ocean, so this place is a great one to visit in every season.

Enjoying the scenic beauty of Praia da Granja

It is the southern most beach of the place and it is the most beautiful one as well. The scenic beauty of this place comes from the cottages and buildings besides the beach. It can be a fun picnic destination for your trip.

Visiting the Port

It is the place that used to be the main mode of transportation for Vila Nova De Gaia for years. However, the main attraction here is the wine of this place that is matured in the oak barrels here. It is the place where the process of maturing wine started in 1950’s and the process is still similar.

Visiting Mosterio da Serra do Pilar

The 16th century building that is a part of World Heritage Site as well is one of the most important landmark to visit in the whole Portugal. While the place itself has amazing views, from the location you can get some amazing sights of the nearby places in Portugal as well as the rivers.

Teleferico de Gaia

Although it is not as historical as it just opened in 2011, it can help you explore and see a lot within minutes. A ride of over half a kilometre can bring an amazing experience. 50 meters above from the warehouses you can capture some amazing pictures of Vila Nova De Gaia.


Vila Nova de Gaia is a place that has a lot to offer, and you can only get the best experience when you compare car rental companies for their best services .With the help of the right car rental comparison, you can plan the best trip with your family to have an amazing experience.