5 Best beaches in Costa Verde

Costa VerdeCosta Verde is a 345 km long coastal region in the north-west of Portugal. The region is full of secluded beaches and stunning lush green landscapes. Costa Verde is one of the top-visited destinations of Portugal, which provides a luxurious experience. There are many rivers as well, such as River Minho. It is the centre of attention of many locals and foreigners as well. 

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5 best beaches in Costa Verde

The 5 best beaches in Costa Verde are specified below.

Marina di Arbus

Marina di Arbus is well-known for its mesmerizing beauty and lies in the province of Medio Campidano. It is 25 Km from Arbus. The beach consists of shallow turquoise water, which provides a breathtaking view. The beach is sandy, and you can see highly detailed dunes on the beach, which looks magnificent and makes you feel like you are in a movie.

The beach is not too hot, and the temperature here is between 23°C – 25°C. There is also a cliff by the beach, which is covered in green vegetation, which looks stunning and makes this beach a true symbol of beauty.

El Silencio

El Silencio is another splendid beach that you can visit in Costa Verde. The beach is not visited by many people and hence offers a secluded beach experience. Therefore, if you are not a peoples’ person, and are looking for a getaway for your next vacation, El Silencio is your answer.

El Silencio also comprises of the tall standing cliff, which is at the starting of the beach. The tall and extensive cliff is the most aesthetic part of the beach as well. The water here is deep blue with a hint of green that looks gorgeous. Scuba diving is popular here as well.


Scivu is a visually pleasing beach in Costa Verde. The beach is a landmark of Costa Verde and is a popular tourist destination. The beach has white sand, and the waves here are not too harsh. However, they can be depending on the weather and the monsoon phase.

Furthermore, the beach remains usually quiet and therefore offers a calm and secluded beach vacation experience. You can also do numerous water activities on the beach.

La Vega

La Vega is one of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Verde. The opening landscape of the beach is green, filled with grass which naturally blends into the white sand. Hence, the landscape of the beach is unique and looks mesmerizing.

The beach is also surrounded by rocky yet hypnotic mountains of Costa Verde, which looks like paradise on Earth. The water of the beach has different shades of blue, all of which provide a soothing experience.


The beach is one of the sandiest beaches of Costa Verde. It is a desert oasis, and this is what makes it unique. The landscape is rocky, which provides a unique setback to the beach. You can see dunes here, which look hypnotic as well. The water is shallow and calm and is of emerald colour.


The above-specified are the 5 best beaches in Costa Verde.