Top activities to do in Setubal, Portugal on your next trip

This is a very energetic and busy city of Portugal considering that it is also called the industrial port of Portugal. However, this is the city that can offer you a lot of things to explore related to the nature and history of this place. Being a busy city, using public transport or taxi services will be very costly and hectic.

So, it is a good option to rent a car in Setubal. As a tourist, you must consider car rental comparison for getting the best prices for the rental cars because sometimes the car rental services try to rip the tourists off with higher rates. Apart from this issue, there is not a lot that you need to worry about. So, here are the best places that you must visit in Setubal.

Top activities to do in Setubal, Portugal on your next tripThe places that are a must-visit in Setubal

The following are the places that you must visit while you are in Setubal.

Castelo de São Filipe

This is a historical fort of the town that was built in 1595 and it is one of the highest places in Setubal. It was constructed during the Spanish era and it was mainly used by the forces for keeping the place safe from pirates and other invaders. This is the reason why it is located on the sea bay. Now this is one of the most attractive tourist attractions because it not only tells a lot about the history of the place, but it provides the mesmerizing views of the sea and the town as well.

Castelo de Palmela

This is one of the oldest places in Setubal. It used to be a fortress that was built in the 12th century. Amazingly this is still in great shape because it was given a facelift in the year 1423 when the walls were strengthened. This location will not only be a great historical place to visit but its natural environment will also take you close to nature. It is recommended to visit this masterpiece of a location in the evening for stunning views.

Igreja de Jesus

If you are looking for some of the finest architectural works of the history of Setubal, then this is the place for you. It was designed in 1494 and it is one of the best monuments present in Setubal. Originally the historical site was a church that had a very gothic theme to it and if you pay good attention, then you will be able to see the gothic theme especially from the interior roof.


Setubal is the city that can provide you with some of the best experiences in the whole of Portugal. It is because it has the best sights of nature and it is also a rich place in terms of historical buildings.
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