Best Road Trips in Portugal – 5 Super Scenic Routes

The most ideal approach to investigate Portugal’s mystery spots is undoubted via car, and keeping in mind that driving, each diversion and wrong turn can take you to another delightful town.

Pack a few essentials and hit the street for an outing that you’ll always remember – and we’ll kick you off with certain thoughts in the following.

Douro Valley

Start in Porto and drive through the Douro Valley, the home of Portugal’s most famous wine area. From the grape plantations to the Douro River, there is bounty to see, and the length of the excursion will rely totally upon the experience you’re chasing. Drive from Porto to Pinhão for the afternoon and test some flavourful wine. Stop for lunch in a little, family-run café and attempt the conventional food from the north.

Best Road Trips in Portugal - 5 Super Scenic RoutesTras-os-Montes

Omit the famous highways, and hit the way more uncommon. Tras-os-Montes is effectively the most out of control and least visited area in the nation where probably the most established customs are consistently drilled. It is an ideal objective for photograph taking and climbing, and a couple of voyagers who have set aside the effort to investigate its rough mountainsides gloat about everything from the kind disposition of local people to the cooking and the traditions. Why not develop your Douro Valley excursion and proceed to the land “after the mountains”? For locations like these, it’s preferred to rent a car.

The Compact is the most frequently booked rental car type in Portugal. Based on ratings and reviews, the best car rental companies in Portugal are Sixt, Avis, and Hertz. Approximately, on average a rental car in Portugal costs $272 per week. So, decide accordingly as per your budget.

Serra da Estrela

The Serra da Estrela is the most noteworthy mountain range in terrain Portugal and a great area to design an end of the week experience. Spring, summer, and fall are on the whole incredible occasions to visit, yet winter is shaky since this is one of the solitary districts in Portugal that get a day off, plan appropriately. One 2-3 road trip worth considering is from Seia to Guarda with stops at each significant milestone.


Extraordinary compared to other day and end of the week trips from Lisbon will take you to Sintra, the nation’s generally entrancing “fantasy” town. The lush, blustery streets through the Sintra mountains are astonishing without help from anyone else yet are upgraded by the excellent mansions, castles, and house domains that have given this town it’s standing as one of the most dazzling in Europe. Take the seaside street and stop in Estoril and Cascais in transit except if you lean toward bouncing on the train at Rossio station in Lisbon.

Madeira Island

Cruising all over Madeira Island is likely the most advantageous approach to get around, yet it might likewise not be for the timid drivers of the world. The roads that twist around the mountains, through passages, and along the staggering coast additionally lead drivers to provincial and tight nation streets. Remember to pack your climbing gear, since Madeira is one of the top objections for investigating by walking, as well.